So we got an email from Nick a few weeks before this asking if we were available to capture the moment he asked Celine to marry him. These opportunities don’t come around often so of course, we said Yes! Straight away the planning started. Locations, timings, where to stand, what way to face.. We went through everything. On the day itself, it went off like clockwork. Celine hadn’t a clue we were hiding close by and definitely didn’t know what Nick was about to ask her. She said a very happy YES and after we introduced ourselves off we went on a little adventure shoot around to coastline. As if the Cliffs of Moher, a proposal, and a diamond ring wasn’t enough, we also had a 1973 vintage convertible.. This was a great day!


Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0001 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0002 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0003 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0004 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0005 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0006 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0007 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0008 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0009 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0010 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0011 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0012 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0013 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0014 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0015 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0016 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0017 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0018 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0019 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0020 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0021 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0022 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0023 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0024 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0025 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0026 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0027 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0028 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0029 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0030 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0031 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0032 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0033 Live_Engagement_Cliffs_of_Moher0034


Very nice engagement photo shoot. Good work!

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