To say this adventure was fun would be an understatement. We first met Michelle & Ruaidhrí a couple of months ago when we had a coffee with them in Limerick prior to their wedding day. We instantly hit it off with these two which wasn’t hard because there two of the nicest humans we have ever came across. We knew as we were leaving that meeting that their wedding day was going to be super relaxed, full of fun and all about the important stuff.. family. Sure enough when their wedding day came along it didn’t disappoint. It all happened down at Drommquinna Manor with a beautiful ceremony down at The Boathouse on the waters edge. There were people drinking in the gardens, chilling out listening to music and taking it all in. One of our favourite moments during their wedding was Michelle’s dad starting to dance at the dinner table way before any dance floor was cleared. He got the entire wedding on their feet!

A couple of days after Michelle & Ruaidhrí’s wedding we approached them with this idea that we had about getting a shot on top of Irelands highest mountain, Carrauntoohil. We had previously mentioned meeting up to go hiking so this was just adding to the fun! They couldn’t have been more on board with the idea and were happy to be the first bride & groom photographed up there.

A couple of weeks later, after they had returned from their honeymoon, the gap in the weather presented itself and we went for it. It was a bit of a last minute thing as we made the call to go for it at 5pm the evening before hand. 11am the next morning and we were all at Cronin’s Yard,  packed and ready to go. Michelle had baked a load of snacks so there was no way we were going hungry during the hike!

We took our time climbing as we didn’t want to be wrecked for the photoshoot itself, to get to the spot we took the image was roughly 3hours. We shot for 30mins and went home a longer (more scenic) route which took another 3 or so hours. No one was in any rush so it was nice to take breaks and admire the sheer beauty of Irelands highest point!

We are going to let the photos do the rest of the storytelling.

Thank you Michelle & Ruaidhrí. This wouldn’t have been possible without you two!


Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-1 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-2 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-3 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-4 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-4a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-4b Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-5 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-6 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-7 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-8 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-8a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-9 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-9a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-10 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-11 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-12 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-13 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-13a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-15 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-15a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-16 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-17 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-18 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-19 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-20 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-21 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-22 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-23 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-24 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-24a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-25 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-26 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-27 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-28 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-29 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-30 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-31 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-31a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-33 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-34 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-34a Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-34b Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-35 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-36 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-38 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-39 Carrauntoohill_Wedding_Photo-40


Absolutely powerful and moving images!

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