No pressure right?? I mean she is only a super duper talented graphic design guru and he is only one of Irelands most renowned creative wedding videographers.. Take your wedding photos.. Sure yeah.. No pressure!!

You always get that exciting feeling arriving to a wedding morning, the excitement of not knowing how the day will go, the buzz of it all, will the weather play ball, what are the vibes going to be like, will the groom be nervous, will the bride be on time etc etc.. On this wedding morning we had a different excitement and it was nothing to do with anything mentioned above.. It was an excitement to see two of our lovely friends get married!

Dee & Gavin are two great friends of ours (we mostly bond over our love for surfing & extremely fluffy dogs). Sure the pressure was on to make sure we got these two creatives an awesome set of wedding images but if there is one thing we have realised from shooting friends weddings and to be honest some complete strangers.. If you click with the person you’re shooting, if you’re having fun along with the couple, the vibe is good, then the images just present themselves. Shooting becomes easy because you are just documenting the absolute craic!!

And that is exactly what this wedding was.. The absolute craic!!!

Congratulations Dee & Gavin and thanks for the invite!!


Venue: Hotel Doolin

Hair: It’s Fabulous Bridal Hair

Make Up: BodyTreats

Videography: Dreamcatcher Team + CMP Productions

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