What started off as just an idea in our heads grew and grew until it became our mission to get this image. Where credit is due, the image was Laurie’s idea from the start, however the actual logistics of getting out there was very much a team effort.

Setting off from the pier at 7pm was initially a bit of a nervy task. Heading to a dangerous part of the Cliffs of Moher as the sun is starting to set might sound like the wrong time to make this journey but the evening light was on our side! We knew the image we wanted and it turned out to be the perfect conditions without a doubt.

Both Donough and Maebh really were champions on the evening. It was cold, proper cold and these two didn’t even give the slightest complaint for the whole thing. I think we all knew that no matter how cold we were getting or how long this was going to take it was going to be worth it. Once we arrived at the location we all got extra excited as the sun began to paint the cliffs in the most incredible evening light while the clouds turned all kinds of crazy colours. It was as if we were getting rewarded for making the trip out and going to such an effort for this image! Mother nature literally turned to us and said “Here you go! Here is the icing on the cake”. The light was perfect!

After about 15minutes or so, which I am sure felt like a lot longer to Donough & Maebh who weren’t wearing wetsuits, Laurie had the shot we needed, we packed up everything and headed back. We got home as the sun disappeared behind the horizon and even in the dark evening, taking the jetski out of the water we knew we had something special. Something not many, if any, had done before. An image that started off as a tiny idea ended up being one of the greatest adventures that both Donough & Maebh and ourselves will talk about for a long time. This image is special!

A Little Note: I suppose it has to be said that although this image looks pretty and perfect, its not an easy task getting out there. Donough & Dave are both lifeguards, experienced with reading weather/sea charts and qualified Irish Rescue drivers on Jetski’s. Laurie and Maebh are also extremely comfortable in the ocean. It is because of these reasons we had the ability to make such an image. With the image going quiet far on social media and papers etc we just wanted to inform people not to try and do this unless you have the experience and know-how to go out there. As with anything to do with the ocean, you are never in charge, the ocean is and if your not equipped and experienced when something goes wrong it can be very dangerous. I hope this doesn’t dampen the spirit of this blog post but we felt it was an important point to make.

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Great photographs. Awesome stuff!

Well done guys, amazing pictures. I can imagine how cold it must have been.

Truly an amazing photo… I can definitely see it framed in the Cronin household. Already looking forward to the next challenge you guys come up with ?

Is this a wedding shoot
A love story
Or just some amazing photography ?

I supposed you could call it A love story, an adventure and an awful lot of fun.. 🙂 Thank you for the comment!

Superb David & Laurie thats commitment fair play!! beautiful sunset and a great set of shots to boot! Job done…

Thank you Paul! We are very happy with how it all worked out! 🙂

Great photos. Must have been sum craic

That is was Davey! Thank you for the comment!

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