Being a fly on the wall.. We think it’s a terrible description of a wedding photographers style! We showed this wedding to a friend and she described the style as “being a fly on the wall”. A fly on the wall, na, that sounds like something you don’t like, something you might want to hit with the heal of your shoe or today’s newspaper. It doesn’t sound nice at all!
So no, a fly on the wall is not what we would use to describe this day with Becca & Matt.
It started at the beautiful Cliffs of Moher on the edge of County Clare where we met and talked as we walked. We really enjoyed Becca & Matts attitude, laid back, chilled out and very much in love. They came to Ireland specially to say their vows on top of the cliffs and it was a really incredible moment to be a part of. We mentioned this to a few friends recently that being a wedding photographer is quite strange, you get invited into the most intimate moments in peoples lives and you might be the only non family member there.
In this case we were the only person there full stop! They just wanted the two of them and us. This made for a really unique moment on the cliff edge that morning. We just stood back and let them make their vows and chat for a little while. The pictures can tell the rest of the story of the day as we traveled around Clare but we would like to thank Becca & Matt for having us. It was a massive moment for them and to be invited to that was truly an honour!
*no flies or walls were harmed in the research for this blog post 🙂

My husband and I got married last year and for our wedding gift, our family and friends got us an Ireland vacation.
We want to inquire if we can hire your services to take some photos of our trip in Ireland for a few hours during our vacation. It would be similar to an engagement photo session but we also want to highlight the beauty of Ireland.
If you are interested, please send us your rates and if you are available on the either November 2 or 3. Our first choice is the Cliffs of Moher. But we are also open to suggestions in either Galway or Dingle. If it is in Dingle, our available date is November 5.
Maricel and Peter

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