It’s one thing being asked to photograph awesome people every week.. But its another when the awesome people are also awesome photographers! Thats a whole lot of extra awesome!

Irelands coastline never ceases to amazing and surprise us and we were delighted that Kara & Kris were able to see it in all its glory. These two traveled from Wisconsin USA.. Oconomowoc to be exact! Try say that 5times in a row as fast as you can!!

On their little Irish Adventure we talked, we walked, we all froze in the morning fog, but we loved every minute of it! Being an Irish Wedding Photographer can sometimes restrict you with the weather, in this case it made everything so much better!

We love our beautiful country,we love its landscape and we love that we get to show it off!

See this honeymoon shoot featured here on Junebug!! 



Beautiful David cracker shots!

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