The stag party is an event that will go down in dingle’s history books! I’m pretty sure the bars down there are still talking about us and have a wanted sign up for Aaron but I, like the other 15 or so comrades, are sworn to secrecy so can’t reveal anymore about that I’m afraid.

As for the wedding? Well I guess things were just as mad on that night! People got merry, we drank, we danced, and it got pretty wild!
It was an incredible day photographing these two heroes in the beautiful location of Dromoland Castle! We have known Aaron since we were young running around Spanish Point with a surfboard. He was the cool dude who could do them twirly things on his water board! As for Elaine, what an amazing person and no wonder! Her family are some of the nicest people we have ever met! This was the first wedding we have been to as guests in quiet a while and it made up for the long break! You know it’s been a good wedding when you take 3 days to recover!
It was great as always to work alongside Gavin Gallagher from Dreamcatchers Productions who not only played the part of the videographer but also as a grooms man & grooms brother! Multi-tasking!
Thanks for inviting us along not only as a friend but as photographers! Epic times!

Great place to take photos!

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